Our story

It's all about the shhh...

Create more quiet time

It was that simple (kinda hippy) idea that led us to create Inner Piece: a modern puzzle company that spreads quiet time in a loud, distracted world.

We love puzzles because whether you're solving one alone or making it the center of a get together, they are an experience that compliments our brain’s natural state of calm rather than distracting from it.

Beautiful puzzles you'd want to frame

Another goal when we founded Inner Piece was to find artists we loved, because while we loved the idea of framing completed puzzles we couldn't find many worth framing.

Our contemporary art puzzles are made from high quality recycled paper and feature artists from around the world. So while mindfulness was always priority one, we knew that couldn't come at the expense of aesthetics. We wanted to make cool puzzles you'd be excited to hang on the wall or gift to a friend and we think we did.


Our mindful mission

In starting Inner Piece, we hope to spread our love of mindfulness. One dollar from every puzzle sold goes to youth mindfulness programs.

Our first partner is Peace in Schools - a nonprofit dedicated to transformative mindfulness education. Peace in Schools provides training to both students and educators to help cultivate emotional resilience and self-supportive practices they can use throughout their lives.

Inner Piece are also committed members of 1% for the Planet.