Love your hippocampus

We created Inner Piece because the modern world is bad for your brain.

Not long ago, the world was a chill place that was open 9-5.  Now we live in a 24/7 helter-skelter renaissance of information and creativity filled with infinite possibilities. And instead of helping our brains, it’s kneading our grey matter like twisty bread.

Taking quiet time to focus on a single analog task like puzzling not only reduces stress, but studies have shown that quiet time stimulates the growth of neurons in the brain’s hippocampus, the center of our memory and emotions.

It’s never been more important to help our brains help themselves.


We love puzzling!!

Whitney Hill December 19, 2019

Truth. I can’t think of a better time to puzzles than during the holidays.

Stacey Brans January 06, 2020

Hope you have success with your endeavour.

Twink & Wayne

Wayne Murphy December 10, 2019

Love it!!

roy kahle December 10, 2019

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