500 Piece Puzzles vs. 1000 Piece Puzzles

When we founded Inner Piece, it was in pursuit of puzzles that brought mindful quiet time. That’s the main reason we started with 500 piece puzzles. We wanted a simple, relaxing option for those who were new to puzzling. We love 1000 piece puzzles, but for some newbies they can be intimidating. They start as this great idea and become one of those things that just end up taking up your coffee table untouched until you give up and put them away.

And so that’s where we started, but it’s not where we’ll stay. This year, Inner Piece debuted two new 1000 piece puzzles, RISE and STUDIO PLANTS. These 1000 piece puzzles are perfect for parties, gifts, ski trips, and for mental breaks from your boss and significant other :) 




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