2020 will have its limits (if we want to spread quiet time)

Happy 2020! With the holidays over, we’re finally able to breathe and take stock of Inner Piece’s first month in the world. And we’ve come to one very big realization: living our mission of quiet time just got more difficult.

In our hope of spreading quiet time, we’ve realized that as more people join our community, so too does our need to engage with the very distractions we wanted to avoid. Email, Instagram, Pinterest, blogging – they’re all invaluable tools to help spread the mission, but they’re also the same tools we’re trying to free ourselves from. They're those tricky, double-edged utilities that can very quickly turn from amazing tools to annoying distractions.

While we could just unplug from it all, that wouldn’t help the message, so instead we’re choosing to see it as a lesson about the need for respect and balance. It’s okay for us to use these tools, but we need to be diligent in how we use them. We know that they can very quickly go from tools to distractions, so maintaining balance means setting limits. For us, we’re setting a resolution to only use these tools as needed from 9-5. We'll call it banker hours for our distraction prone brains. We already have screen free time in our home during meals, but now that we have even more need for online engagement, we’re feeling the need for more unplugging. Funny how the more we need something, the more we actually need time away from it. 

What will you do to better limit your time with these double-edged tools in 2020?

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